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Alexandria's Black History

MANUMISSION - the act of freeing or the state of being freed from slavery, servitude,etc.


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Join Manumission Tour Company to travel the streets of historic Old Town Alexandria and hear the little-known stories of Africans and African-Americans, both enslaved and freemen, at a time when Alexandria, Virginia was one of early American's main centers for the international and domestic slave trade.

Manumission Tour Company curates guided cultural heritage tours designed to highlight Alexandria’s extensive African American History. We offer guided walking tours every weekend from February thru December. We would love to take your group on a personalized tour or provide step-on tour services for your bus trip!  Tour times & tickets can be found on this website, but also at the Ramsay House Visitors Center in Old Town

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Adults                              $15

Children (12 and under)     $ 12

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