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“Freedom’s Fight in Alexandria” Walking Tour

“Freedom’s Fight in Alexandria” -- This 90 minute guided walking tour through the streets of Old Town will give participants insight into Alexandria's pre-civil war history of urban slavery, and highlight runaway slaves, like step-brothers Oscar and George Ball, Free African-Americans like Moses Hepburn and early abolitionists, such as pharmacist Edward Stabler, who pushed back against the "Peculiar Institution" of slavery.


“Duke Street Black History” Walking Tour

This 90 minute guided walking tour along the Duke Street corridor in Old Town Alexandria visiting sites connected to the early Alexandria slave trade, such the former site of Franklin & Armfield, and the former Bruin Slave Jail site that held the Edmonson sisters as well as sites that connect to early African American’s spirituality such Shiloh Baptist Church and the Alexandria National Cemetery. (Entry into the Freedom House Museum is separate from our tour and not covered by Manumission Tour Company)

"Still's Underground Railroad" Walking Tour

This 90 minute guided walking tour along the downtown King Street corridor is based on the 1872 non-fiction book "The Underground Railroad" by abolitionist William Still. The book contains several stories of fugitive slave that run away from Alexandria. Our tour visits those sites and discusses the journey of the fugitives and the operation of the Underground Railroad in Alexandria.  

“Black History in Alexandria” Bus Tour

We can provide a tour guide to step on your tour bus and give our 2-hour guided tour which visits numerous local sites of African American historical significance such as the Freedom House Museum, Alfred Street Baptist Church, the site of the 1939 Library Sit-In. We will disembark the bus to walk the Contraband & Freedmen Cemetery as well as walk inside the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church. A portion of the tour can also be conducted as a one-hour tour.  (Entry fees at Alexandria Black History Museum and Freedom House Museum are not covered by Manumission Tour Company)

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